October 5th, 2005



it's possible I should have slept another hour. if I try to meditate in this somnolent state there is no telling how big a noise I might make when I fall over, and that might wake sandy and the neighbors. I think I might be better served to get back in bed for a little while. my students might also prefer if I am well-rested when trying to tell them how to write--office hours later on.

If I went back to bed now I'd be up before 8. that wouldn't be so bad.
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ok that's better. I guess I needed closer to twelve hours. you know when you wake up and it becomes clear within half an hour that you are not really going to wake up no matter how much coffee you have?

I wonder why I was so tired. it did take me a little while to fall asleep last night. it's slightly ridiculous but I have a hard time sleeping before santiago comes to bed and he had a little extra energy to run off last night. I'm still anxious about him falling out of some window when I'm asleep or slipping out the front door when sandy comes home, like flippy did that once. so until he's curled up next to me it is difficult to relax. the screens are all nailed in and everything, but I still don't have enough confidence that the house is equipped to keep cats perfectly safe.

I'm entirely too in love with the little fellow. I'm in love with jackson too, but he always comes right to bed with me. and he spends most of his life up on my bed, which is a very safe place to be.

I guess now I will sit soon and then go to the art institute to answer questions.
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