October 7th, 2005



how the @#*$ did it get to be friday already?? I've about had it with this time shrinkage thing. soon I have to start panicking thinking about class again and it seems like I just got done with the last one.

although my students are probably panicking about their papers which are due tomorrow night so I guess their stress is probably even more poignant than mine right about now.

I must sit and write for a little while and then I must do some work for my paying jobs and then I don't know exactly what I will do but it will probably involve walking around and spending small sums of money. it's like I have to buy an object every day but even small objects will do; yesterday for instance I bought two sheets of wire mesh and a pencil and that made me happy.

the wire mesh was for the new table and I carefully unfolded it and then bent a little hem into it and laid it out all nice and of course santiago thinks it is a shiny new toy. although oddly he has left the stuff on the table mercifully alone. so far. ::knock knock::

the new cushion is making my legs fall asleep in all sorts of novel ways. I think I might have gotten the pillow-to-cushion ratio just right the last ten minutes this morning as well as gauging exactly where to sit on the cushion and how tightly to fold my legs. it's very complicated and there are at least a thousand contingencies that go into having a comfortable sit.

I have to call the credit people about consolidating today. I can't keep putting it off. or can I? if you don't pay and you don't answer the phone and they can't send you to debtors prison what will happen ultimately? will someone come to my house and take everything that looks valuable?
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umpf. I just spent two hours diagraming chapter three of Logic of Sense and I finally see now how things go round in little circles and I wonder if Deleuze made this all up in his head or if he drew himself pictures as well. if the former then the man was way smarter than I'll ever be. not that the resulting ideas are all that stunning but if you could keep a diagram this complicated in your mind's eye while you were writing you'd have to have a number of discrete memory addresses that you could access at once time--a number more than most of us have, I'd think.

anyway here is the picture and now I have to describe it in words so that my dissertation will have made sense of what Deleuze said. this I suppose is the effort of translation.

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incidentally Omnigraffle makes making these things fairly effortless. if I'd used paper and pencil I'd have had to erase and redraw enough times that there'd be holes in the paper and I'd have had to tape on extensions.

now I could spend the afternoon making pretty colors to go with the arrows and boxes or I could take a walk and look at inexpensive objects as I cannot afford any expensive ones.

I'm still dismayed it's friday. I might have a beer just to deny that I have work to do.
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