October 9th, 2005



today's bizarro is funnier than he's been in a long time. it helps if you have been compulsive reader of comics since the 60s or so.

I have come up with the three points they say you can make in any given lecture but of course I am not satisfied because I have not tied everything together neatly for myself but the idea is not to indoctrinate them in my thought processes but to introduce them to certain thinkers and draw some connecting themes between them all. that I think I've got.

now it is miller time or rather klonopin time and a little figure drawing I think. I'm going to start with someone else's body. and a cup of coffee as the klonopin is coming on a little strong. we'll see where upon the continuum between concretion and ephemeral vision we can make the sketchbook appear.

I have a number of pencils. I used to know how to use them. now I am not sure. I wonder where my pencil sharpener is. and those stumps. where did the stumps go that I bought years ago? I will probably not get that far. I will probably not get beyond the simple contour. first it's off with the writing machine though and on with a completely different machine.
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bedtime. I fear tomorrow might be kind of an 'off' day but what can you do. last week I was all excited about what I had to say and I had way too much of it to say so I might go over a bit of that before moving on to freud but with freud about all I have to say is look dreams! metaphors!

I mean that's about it really. I guess there is some more foreshadowing of the disappearance of the referent in there.

I think I should make a note of that. mmmhmm mmhm mmm hm disappearance of hmhm referent hm.

ok now I'm going to sleep. this will all be more compelling at 5am.


maybe it's time for a shot. thinking back it would have been two weeks this tuesday so close.
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