October 13th, 2005


burn doubt

I came over to berkeley to do a few oddments and was going to start grading papers but I've done all the oddments and it is after 1 and I don't feel like starting work now so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I really need a vacation or at least to be able to take more than one day a week off as this is making me really inefficient. I guess the idea of having regular time off is to be able to keep your energy focused on your work days but I just don't feel like I have the time for two days off a week right now.

but I might take today off anyway. I mean it's almost over and although one of the oddments had to do with my paid job over here I can't say that I've really Done Work today. I'd like to draw or go shopping but there's no money for shopping and all my nudie magazines are at home so I'd have to draw, like, a chair or something. or--duh--find a nudie pic online. I wonder if I can find one of a fellow who is not, um, excited. I mean there is a market for such drawings in very specialized places like the entire city of san francisco but I do want to uphold a modicum of taste and accessibility in my artwork.

I could go outside and draw a tree I suppose. I think though that practice transcribing two-dimensional images might be good before tackling three dimensions. I used to be able to draw objects in perspective completely by instinct but my eye is a little out of practice. not that perspective is the only legitimate way to frame a thing but I'd like to know that I can do it if I want. one thing I have noticed in my old age is that in order to draw from three dimensions you have to either choose which eye you use to determine the relative angles of a thing or you somehow synthesize what both eyes see together. I have no idea which way I did it when I was younger. I don't recall closing one eye very often. I guess unless you are drawing something very close it doesn't matter quite so much.

I have a million things to do tomorrow too. well I have three things to do. I hate drug-pick-up friday as I have to get out of the house on a single cup of coffee before sitting or anything and it totally trashes my morning. I don't understand how methadone patients could possible have a life and the ridiculousness of the surveillance they have to undergo especially in light of the pretense to rehabilitation just makes me think of how orwellian a state we already put up with.

yeah no work today. I need the break. I could go for a berkeley walk. I don't do that very often.
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not all here

don't you hate it when you get home and realize you forgot to stop for coffee and milk? the two things I must have within ten minutes of waking.


::puts shirt back on::
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