October 20th, 2005


cat q

I know that your cat is smarter than mine but santiago actually jumps up off my legs when the time's up bell goes off when I'm meditating. and it's not that loud. just a little chime.

smarty pants.

poor little guy collided with me this morning and although I can find no obvious injuries it did take the spice out of his tea for a little while. we were zooming around the house and I was expecting him to dash one way down the hall but instead he dashed right into my leg as it was going the other way. didn't hurt me much but he ran into me kind of hard for a little cat. immediately he slowed way down.

now he's sleeping on my lap but that's not unusual.

good morning!
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oh and I managed to get out of bed with my alarm this morning. I had to force my eyes open a couple of times to keep from falling back asleep. I turned the volume up a notch before going to bed but I'm thinking I should set it to some obnoxious loud morning show on hard rock station instead of npr. no matter what they are talking about--war, catastrophe, anything--they always do so in the most soothing tone possible. not that great for getting up perhaps.

I'm just trying to avoid making the alarm so shrill that all I can think to do is turn it off immediately. that's how I sleep through things.

today I must grade a bunch of papers as I promised them this week and this week is beginning to take a turn for the finish. I need to get back to the dissertation too but I think I can do that over the weekend. I have no big plans otherwise and since we are still looking at Lacan in class on Monday I don't have all that much work to do to prepare. basically we will just be going through the text one word at a time and seeing how many associations spring up from each one. Lacan is like a bad dream in this way.

duty calls. why doesn't it ever call in sick?
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