October 22nd, 2005



well that took an extraordinarily long time. the papers are finally graded so I can go shower and think about their next paper assignment. I'm not sure how to word it to get them to start thinking about the relevance of Theory to artistic practice. I see so many connections it is hard to pin any particular one down and I fear that any attempt I make to articulate one in a paper assignment is just going to confuse the hell out of them. I mean I want them by the end of class to be able to produce something that shows that they appreciate the significance of this course, but I'm not sure we are there yet.

maybe something about expression should be a paper topic. last time I had them choose one term from one author and to figure out its definition for that author by consulting the text. I was going to have them choose a term over two authors this time, but I'm not sure I want to go that slow. there are only three papers and I would like them to be able to practice something like real critical interpretation and defining terms is not quite the essence of the procedure although it is important.

shower. thought. something will come to me.
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when all else fails read the instructions

they say on the package that they are sharp and you always sort of take that nonchalantly since you rarely point the thing at yourself but as you are scraping away bits of metal and acrylic gloss gooey stuff gets stuck on the blade so you casually wipe your thumb across it--

I have a butterfly holding the end of my thumb closed. it's not that deep but just deep enough where it didn't want to stop bleeding with a conventional bandage so I opened up my camping first aid kit to see what was in there. no needle with suture material but a couple of butterflies. they work just about as well.

I stuck a naked picture of me to the metal thing so now it is a not safe for children self portrait. I glazed my image with an blue acrylic wash so I am not immediately noticeably nude. I'm not sure I like myself where I put me but it could turn out ok. if not I will scrape me off. metal. the new oil. acrylic dries but does not adhere with any sort of finality. I am trying to figure out a way to varnish it when I am done that will not be prone to peeling off. I wonder if I'll have to sand the metal. that could add some interesting texture.

if I leave me on there I'm not sure it will be the sort of thing I want hanging in the hallway. how many people have nude self-portraits in their hallways? oh I suppose Loren Cameron probably does but who else. on the other hand we don't entertain a whole lot so the viewers of nude me would pretty much be me and sandy.

I didn't get to finishing the owl pellets today. grading papers and writing the next assignment and considering things to do on monday after we struggle with Lacan for an hour and a half took most of the day and then I did a little construction of the nude metal thing and ate dinner and that was that here we are. I am thinking of going to bed early as the loud pop music got me right up at 6:30 this morning and I am a little sleepy now. I know it is saturday night but that has become fairly meaningless to me in my old age.


I have nothing left to say.
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