November 13th, 2005


sunrise. ok well not quite.

I'm still a sucker for cat stevens. my clock radio, set to KFOG because they usually play loud pop/rock in the morning and have those godawful morning shows where the dj's yell and laugh at themselves and generally make getting up both easy and annoying, played "Morning has Broken" only seconds after it went off, so I listened to the whole thing intently as I lay there contemplating getting up.

it was nice! instead of thinking about how nervous I am because it is sunday I thought about sunshine and flowers and sweetness.

this will all pass of course but for now it's just nice.
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if it's 7:30 and I'm very sleepy and I want to get up at 5 tomorrow might I just as well go to bed? it seems like a reasonable thing to do.

I have an appointment at 3 tomorrow after teaching and then I am going to see Patti Smith with friend Brenda who bought me the ticket because she is so very nice. fortunately the show starts at 8 because Patti is even older than we are. chances are we will all be home in bed by 10. 11 at the latest.

I wish all aging rock stars would be this reasonable.

unable to think of a reason to stay up, he brushed his teeth and hit the sack.
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