November 21st, 2005



you know it doesn't help that it is starting to get dark at 3:30 now. it's difficult to convince myself to keep working when the sun is going down. it's worse up north, I know, but it's bad enough here.

still I think I've worked enough today. I've been up since 5:15.

the question remains as to whether to take tomorrow off. a lot might depend upon how tense I feel tomorrow when I think about my dissertation. the tenser I feel the more likely it is that I should work on it but I do think I need time off. I suppose I could write early in the morning and take the rest of the day once or twice. quasi-day-off.

home is an hour away. no matter how I propose to get there it would almost be quicker to walk the whole way which somehow doesn't make sense. if I walk to van ness and then walk home, how can it be faster than if I walk to van ness and wait for a bus that runs every ten minutes? that just doesn't add up.

but the hour does not make me want to get up particularly. but the longer I wait the later the hour will run. times I wished I had a car.
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I'm very sleepy. I would like to get into bed with a comic book and read until I can't hold my eyes open. the main reasons I do not do this are that my bed is up in the air and that last whiz you have to take before falling asleep would entail crawling back down and then climbing back up again and the tooth brushing and where to put the glasses when I'm done just makes everything too complicated.

when I was younger I was going to design a house for myself that had a sleeping surface in each room which surface was always made up and ready to receive you and always conveniently located like close to the fireplace but not too close or across from the tv. the only room without such a surface would be the bathroom because who wants to sleep in a bathroom.

it may be true that growing up I learned as much from the cat as from the humans in my family.

in my house that I was going to design for myself there would be no rooms so small as to require a loft although I would probably put a couple in for those nights I felt like sleeping in the air. sleeping in the air is really about the best but the problem lies in getting up there and back down.

perhaps I need a little elevator.

really right now I want a jetson's house where the sink and the toothbrush come to you where you are sitting and then go back to wherever they stay when you are done and then a robot gently removes your shoes and pants and slips your pajamas on you and lifts you up and places you in bed. fluffs your pillow. makes sure the cats come up on cue. sets your alarm and turns off the light.

alas. it looks like I'm going to have to do these things for myself. nighty night.
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