December 1st, 2005


yeah. no.

I was going to go early and pick up a package from ups and run some errands but then woke up to pouring rain and the realization that I have to go out tomorrow morning and get my drugs anyway so canceled the car and am staying in. tomorrow I will do all that.

one more day of spew for the diss and then I must look at how to organize it. Judith says "don't organize too much" so I'm not sure what she's expecting but I guess it could be as experimental and disjointed as I wanted. I should hand in the little notebook I keep up by my bed and the one I carry around with me as well, and the scraps of paper I've used when I've forgotten notebook and don't have computer. for that matter, I could also turn in the .txt files that have yet to be integrated.

no what I really should do is scan in images of the notebooks as well as the pages from books where I've scribbled the most notes and post it all in a directory on my website and send the url to my entire committee. I wonder what they would do then.

gosh. that just seems like a very good idea all of a sudden. should I email Judith? or wait for the coffee to wear off?
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I went ahead and started organizing today. just a feeling I got that it might be good to start now. I made it through about 30 pages so I think this will work out well for handing it in monday. I won't have a lot of time to look at it over the weekend as I will be busy panicking about monday's class.

it looks ok I think. who the hell knows. what is a dissertation supposed to do? "make a significant scholarly contribution to the field." well, no one that I know of has thought to put Deleuze and Levinas together in one room. and as far as I know no one has proposed that part of their autobiography be a recounting of their research into the limits of language over a twenty-year period.

so why not do both at once. the worst that can happen is that Judith will say throw away the first fifty pages and start from there. or something like that. I mean I guess the very worst that could happen would be that she said the whole thing stinks and that I have to start all over again but realistically I don't think that will happen. but it could. especially if I don't think it could, right? so I should get all nervous now.

well there's not much more to be done at the moment so I might as well relax and save the tears for later. I've read other dissertations and can say that mine is at least more interesting than some of them.

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