December 7th, 2005


not yet

I feel like things should be over. I need to do a bunch of stuff today in various arenas but I just want to sit here and play. I have office hours at the art institute and I need to get a bunch of their response papers done so I can put them in their boxes before I leave and I need to finish putting together next semester's reading list and I need to start thinking about my other paying job and I need to drop off the rent and there's just a shitload of things that I cannot ignore.

but I want to. I want to be done and the world to stop for at least a couple of days while I put my feet up and pat myself on the back.

well I guess I'd better get going on something. it is time to sit. there are rats and cats all over my room as Galena, Santiago's little friend, and Sid, the big white rat who frightens the cats completely inadvertently, are both in here running around keeping the cats on their toes. Galena and Santiago chase each other up and down the hall sometimes. it's hilarious to see a cat chased by a rat. the rest of the time they just pat each other a lot.

lisagail has disappeared after her hell week at work last week. no IMs in the morning now for some time. if anyone sees her, tell her hi for me!
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oh yeah and I shaved my head yesterday and am somewhat amazed at the amount of insulation even 1/4" of hair will give you. good thing I have several hoodies or I'd be freezing here at home. always wear a hat now to go out. I understand now why John always wears some sort of little skull cap or something. different John--fellow student who has been there as long as I have and as far as I know is not finished either. I wonder what Judith is saying to him? I have the depression excuse. I'm not sure what his excuse is.

anyway should I get some skull caps? the sort of things one can wear indoors? I wonder.
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incidentally I feel a little ill today. massive headache upon waking up did respond to advil but is back but I have advil with me so soon perhaps it will subside again but wtf.

at least my neck is not stiff so it couldn't be meningitis.

I've gotten headaches for as long as I can remember. not that everyone doesn't have a headache from time to time, but I get a lot of them. it has been pointed out to me that I haven't had my eyes examined in about five years and that this old prescription might have something to do with my current troubles but that wouldn't explain lying on the couch with a cold rag draped across my forehead when I was 11.

if one of the side effects listed for a medication is "headache," I will get one. it will often last several days. I can't call these migraines as they aren't completely debilitating and I don't have any other symptoms but man. my head hurts and that just colors the whole day.

today I also got motion sick on the bus which is somewhat unusual but not unheard of. I wonder if I'm fighting a GI bug.

in any case, taking BART to Berkeley to file an insurance claim seems contraindicted even though it's a sizable claim and I need the money. I'd be sick as a god by the time I got back. I wonder if I took a citycarshare car if traffic would be endurable. sometimes I get motion sick from my own driving. it's really annoying.

bleh. I don't think I'm doing any more work today in any case. their response papers will have to wait. I did everything else on my list.
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