December 22nd, 2005


weather wtf

here is something I do not understand at all. the next few days are forecasted to have highs in the mid to upper 60s. san francisco is the only place I've ever been where it gets warmer after cold fronts pass through. I swear it does this every single time!

fuck this. I know I am spoilt and that I shouldn't complain about our climate so mild it almost doesn't exist. but mid to upper 60's in december?? bleh. too warm. give me mornings where I have to turn on the heater, not where I have to remove my sweatshirt to stay cool.
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I think the key not to getting bitten when they are expecting food and see your finger is to always approach with a pellet in hand. I'm going to try this this morning and see if I have better luck. otherwise I'm going to have to start feeding them with welders gloves or something.
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nothing really

I just closed without saving the most boring journal entry in the world in which I pondered the quality of hardware stores in Spokane.

it started with me telling how my stuff is already all over the house since sandy has left and just got more and more exciting from there.

the fact is that I am verging upon sleep but cannot seem to get myself to stop typing. I keep typing a sentence and then deleting it as though there were something poignant and unforgettable about this state of being unable to think of anything yet wanting to put a cap of sorts on the day so badly that I sit here in a stupor waiting for the final mot juste. knowing that this will never arrive no matter how long I sit here does not ease the compulsion to keep sitting here but soon the same part of my brain that says look you have to just choose something to eat will tell me to give it up and go to bed.

animal consciousness is weird.
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