December 25th, 2005


awol rat

see this is why I rarely let the animals out while sandy is gone. I let sid and galina out, the family pets who get along well with the cats, and now galina is nowhere to be found. I'm sure she crawled into some messy corner--we have many--for a nap and will come out when she's hungry. but I don't know how long that will take and I don't know yet if I'm seeing the movie or catherine today so don't know if I need to leave the house but I guess there's only so much I can do.

otherwise, cleaning cages for two hours was strangely relaxing. yeah I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm getting an idea though how sandy can be so zen about the millions of critters. it's not the sort of thing I'd want to do all the time though--I have too much else to do to be able to budget 2-3 hours a week cleaning cages. maybe after a while I'd get faster at it.

so far christmas is uneventful which is fine. if I don't see catherine today I haven't fully made up my mind to go to the movies as brokeback mountain is looong and I'd like to sit and draw today for a while but I guess I could do that soon and then see how I felt in an hour. so hard to make that time commitment--you all know that's why I see very few films.

because it was cage cleaning time nearly everyone got a new home. I hope this isn't a terribly stressful thing to do to them. for a while they were all busy rearranging the furniture but now they've all fallen asleep. I see different rats in different cages all the time so I think sandy does the rotation thing with them when she cleans.

ten minutes later: catherine called and galina appeared at the very same time! she (c) can't come see me today but later this week. galina is back in with her bunkmates. I'm still faced with the movie dilemma.

christmas is just a day. but I hope everyone is doing ok or as well as can be expected.
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ack! this seems good a reason as any to stay in. I was thinking of going for a brief walk but that looks contraindicated as well.
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radio is still radio

my tastes are so idiosyncratic even pandora can't figure out what I'll like. either that or I'm impatient and need to spend a day with it before it can be consistently on target. so far most songs I'm like yeah this is close but it is missing that special something that I cannot even describe much less name in musical terms but if a song doesn't have it it goes nowhere with me. it's more than a good hook although it must be that; it has to have a certain melancholic edge that apparently is not necessarily minor key tonality and it has to have at least a dollop of aggressive passion to it and I don't know how you assign musical attributes to that.

it keeps giving me these wimpy boy band songs and I keep telling it I don't like them so I don't know what it is about what I do like but apparently it is just like wimpy boy band music only different.

maybe I should try building a different station.
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is this home

I did not go to the movie. I only left the house today to hose down a cage outside on the courtyard. instead of movie I drew some lines and tried to paint a roughly circular pattern fading from pale yellow to crimson and I can't figure out how to do a gradual wash in acrylic, getting the colors to blend evenly into each other. there must be a trick I don't know. I used to do this with watercolors no problem but acrylic is a little more stubborn and stays on the brush so that if you put the brush down in one spot and then pick it up and put it in another spot, you carry the color from the first spot to the second. nothing like pencil which I know all about how to use! I'm either going to look up in a how-to-paint book how to do this and redo the fadey parts some other day or go in and van gogh it, painting brushstrokes of pure color right into each other and let it blend itself.

it's only the undercoat; what I want to be able to scratch through to once I paint the real picture. so this is not crucial but it is good practice. I've never had a single painting class. I'm completely naive except for what I've learned on my own. I think a little reading at least might be a good idea. I wonder what the world wide web has to offer.

the really tricky part was keeping santiago from jumping into the middle of the canvas to chase the brush. I suppose if I were to make a habit of this an easel might be good but they are ridiculously expensive. I swear art supplies must be a racket. how they get people who make so little to spend so much is beyond me. I was looking up what I'd have to get if I wanted to learn to use encaustic and it would cost over $200 for five basic colors and one single heated spatula. some other time I guess.

I think I'll go read about other people's art until I fall asleep.
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