January 1st, 2006

mutts earl

my holiday

I went to bed at 9pm on new year's eve, after sleeping for three hours in my livingroom chair. slept quite well except that I managed to wake up just before midnight to a chorus of voices across the neighborhood chanting 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. HOORAY. there were a couple of firecrackers and that was it. back to sleep with me.

so I did see in the new year, snug in bed with both cats right next to me. the neighbors were mercifully quiet this year: no all night parties and for some odd reason no thugs detonating small weapons caches in the middle of the intersection.

so now I'm up on new years day before anyone, with no hangover and well rested. yeah I should shut up shouldn't I.

when I walked down to rainbow grocery yesterday I saw in the warehouse grocery store across the street about a million people dragging out huge quantities of beer to take home with them. I'm sure lots of fun was had but the novelty of staying up all night wore off with the drugs. it hasn't been all that long since I've done it but without certain gatherings or states of mind there isn't much point.

sandy was in for a brief moment last night just after I had gone to bed. I still haven't seen her but she is "home."

I might paint all day today. I don't know. I always feel deprived if I don't take holidays off even if I don't always understand the point of a holiday. on the one hand saying it's a new year at any particular point seems arbitrary as no matter where we are in our orbit around the sun we were at the same place 365.24whatever days ago. on the other hand january is my favorite month so it seems fitting to greet it with special festivity.

I have no resolutions and never do because I try to do the best I can at any given moment. that I want to get my dissertation finished has been established for some time; there aren't really very many other things that I feel compelled to work on that I'm not already working on. I would like to start weightlifting again but that too seems like it's going to have to wait till after I graduate.

I think I might have a burrito today. that's the mission version of black-eyed peas and ham hocks or whatever it is that you eat for luck today.
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mutts earl

inside joke

one of the funniest five seconds of video I've ever seen was a clip of Lady Bunny lipsynching this song.
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