January 4th, 2006


free day

today is the day off between grading and writing. I must think of something to do that will keep me from noticing that this my vacation is only 24 hours long.

among the possibilities:

find or print holiday cards, write "dear friends and family" letter
go to a museum
go for a long walk
email as many local people as I can think of to invite them to my birthday whatever. prerequisite: determine what birthday whatever will be and where
read for pleasure
watch the big lebowski, loaned to me by a student
watch one of the many dvds I've bought but never watched

I guess there's plenty to do. I should get started.
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and there was light

in other good news, the sun is out. now you all know I like grey wet weather just fine but the sun is good for heating up the house a little. I'm sure the cats will be following it from window to window all day long.
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