January 7th, 2006



see I figured that over the weekend they would stop working on the roof but no they are out there with the torch again. I guess the plus side is they will be done earlier so hopefully they won't be doing this for the next three weeks. I need to work and it is really distracting.

at least they aren't yelling at each other yet. not angry yelling--just construction workers talking loudly about whatever they talk about. they're asian so I have no idea if they talk about work or women or how so-and-so never does his job right or what. but they were talking very loudly yesterday and even when I don't know what the signifier stands for a string of signifiers unwinding within earshot really louses up the writing process.

I really hope they finish the job soon. talk about your bad timing. this is the same roof that had the noxious coating put on it in the middle of a heat wave last summer. now they are cutting holes in it and then sealing them back up. and then welding braces from the roof to the bit of wall that comes about three feet up past the roof. whatever you call that part. I do not know why this is all taking place unless it has seismic implications of some kind.

today they are torching the other side so I guess we over here can relax a little. I guess I can go take a shower without risking having to run out of the building naked.
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