January 21st, 2006


saturday january 21, 2006

santiago goes through these periods when he is fascinated by insoles. because I often buy men's shoes in sizes that are slightly too big for me I populate many pairs with extra insoles of varying thicknesses and materials and from time to time santiago decides it is his mission to dig every single one out of every single shoe and then play with them like they were socks or catnip mice or whatever other cat toy would be more appropriate.

as usual it is impossible to stop him without putting all my shoes in the closet but they do not fit there so they are on the bottom shelves of my desk/shelf complex where he can do with them as he sees fit. all I ask is that he leave the insoles near whichever pair he borrowed them from.

he's such a weird little cat but on the other hand he purrs every time I touch him even to hold him upside down or to bounce him around or to rub his belly while growling at him and he will stretch on cue so how can he be anything but absolutely delightful.

jackson, in case anyone worries that he does not get his share of attention, is as sweet as always and not too bright sometimes but he gets Special Care for the Shy which means I don't try to pick him up but I do rub his head a lot and make sure he's always got access to a hiding spot. he's just not as uproarously fun as santiago but I don't love him any less.

we sleep all three of us curled around each other and my warm pendleton blanket and although santiago demands the space right next to my head jackson seems happy right next to santiago. it's useless to try to referee cat social behavior unless one needs to take drastic measures like separating cats who are fighting to the death. jackson is naturally passive and there's nothing I can do to make him stand up for himself so I just make sure he knows he's one of us no matter what.
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time stands still

this link offered up by oldcroaker as an antidote to dislocation and alienation. one wishes that more of the world religions recognized the kinship between humans and the earth; especially one particular religion that is currently running the most powerful country in the world.

the link is image intensive and involves a little flash as well. click to move along if it goes too slowly for you.
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