January 27th, 2006



so I go to try to pay some money that I owe school (thanks anonymous donor) and find out that I have not one but two registration blocks. the other says I've lapsed, which basically means that the graduate division thinks I'm taking too damned long to finish. I'm not sure what to do about this so I emailed Judith and Maxine to see if one of them can talk me down.

if I can't get the block lifted by tuesday, no gsr salary. I mean I'd get the money eventually but Right Now is really when I need it.

I'm off to scour craigslist for "gigs."
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the "lapse" turned out to be administrative detritus from the money problems.

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warm, fuzzy.

I find myself wishing we had a fireplace. there was one, but it is all blocked off with sheet metal and a large gas heater sticking out into the room where the hearth used to be. I just feel like lighting a fire and watching tv with my feet up.

I guess I could watch the tv with just the heat on. I'm sure to attract a cat or two if I go out to the living room and sit comfortably near the big warm object.

should I watch red dwarf? or just read some peanuts. maybe the rest of season six of south park. I probably shouldn't watch the 400 blows as I am in a slightly misty eyed mood although since the advent of testosterone the mist rarely bursts out into anything more substantial.

I want a big turkey dinner and some wine too. and presents. and snow!

I think I want it to be christmas with some family I was never a part of.
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