February 1st, 2006


a meme for the evening

a - accent: southern if you catch me with just the right amount of fatigue saying just the right thing. otherwise none in particlar although southerners would probably say I had a "northern" accent. which north is anyone's guess.
b - breakfast item: coffee, then cereal and milk
c - chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom. which is why I clean the kitchen and sandy cleans the bathroom
d - dad's name: Richard
e - essential everyday item: all-purpose brown prole cap
f - flavor ice cream: banana or peach or both in a smoothie. mmm. doesn't that sound good?
g - gold or silver?: silver. white gold if you have to have gold.
h - hometown: I do not know how to answer this question. seattle seems like home insofar as it has been the place I've been trying to go back to all my life.
i - insomnia: not often
j - job title: Graduate Student Researcher; Visiting Faculty
k - kids: are you kidding?
l - living arrangements: cheapest apartment in san franscisco. I might never be able to leave.
m - mom's birthplace: Beaverton, OR
n - number of lovers you've had: about 5, depending on the definition
o - overnight hospital stays: one, but it was 60 nights long
q - queer: I'd say so, wouldn't you?
r - religious affiliation: currently fiddling with zen buddhism and kabbalism. raised southern baptist and they are fairly certain I'm headed back to hell now. oh well.
s - siblings: one. let us never speak of him again.
t - time you wake up: between 6:30 and 7am
u - unnatural hair colors you've had: red, pink, burgundy, white, black. never did get to have blue hair.
v - vegetable you refuse to eat: okra
w - worst habit: avoiding baths, I guess. avoiding the phone?
x - x-rays you've had: finger, thumb, finger. my hands have borne the brunt of existence for us.
y - yummy: salmon burrito with black beans, rice and salsa.
z - zodiac sign: capricorn on the outside, aquarius on the inside. or maybe vice versa.
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sleep drink and be merry

it is 7 and I'm thinking of bed just because it seems like the best option. there is nothing online I particularly want to look at and there is nothing on tv I particularly want to look at and if I were to say go pop in a red dwarf dvd I'd really only have the energy for one and a half episodes which seems hardly worth the trouble and what's worse is that once I had myself all comfortably arranged in the livingroom it would be time to unarrange everything and then go to bed.

thus the fact that I'd have to go to bed in about an hour anyway makes it seem like I should just go to bed now.

the one thing to keep in mind is that I do not want to get up terribly early since I teach from 4 to 7 and one needs to be on one's toes thus late into the night (tomorrow at this time, for instance, I will have just finished and will be making my way towards the bus stop for a bus ride that is relatively short when there is no traffic and since rush hour will be over there probably won't be but even so getting to bed before 9 will probably be impossible.

there is always the possibility of a nap tomorrow if I get my class together in time to take one. but I'm not sure I should sleep in the middle of the day I teach as evenings after naps tend to take place in a sort of twilight of consciousness and I think I owe them my full consciousness although I really only get paid for about two-thirds.

the thought of santiago and jackson all curled up next to me sure sounds inviting. if I sit here much longer I'm going to do the dozing off in my chair routine which consists of giving up trying to keep the eyes open but occasionally jerking myself awake once they do close. not terribly restful but it is difficult to convince myself to stand up, head for the bathroom, do my getting ready for bed stuff and then come back. so much easier just to fall. asleep. now.
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