February 12th, 2006


hard part

I just dropped my book on santiago as I dozed off. it was just a thin paperback so no harm done but he did find it annoying enough to get up off my lap.

really the only reason I am not up in bed yet is that I just drank a bunch of water and I know that if I go to bed before my kidneys process at least some of it I will have disturbing bathroom dreams. either there will be no men's room or it will feature festival seating. this will alert me to the fact that I am dreaming and I might manage to wake up but I will be so groggy that it will take two or three rounds of this before I can wake myself sufficiently to get out of bed and this will disturb the cats besides and although they usually come back, one 30-second trip to the bathroom can equal 15 minutes of getting everyone back and comfortable again. what a production.

so tum te dum. anytime now.
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looking ahead

tomorrow I have a meeting with Lyn. she said she has "lots to say" about my dissertation but did not indicate whether they would be approving noises or not but on the other hand she did not say oh dear let's talk about this as soon as possible.

I think it will probably go well except that she generally has a fertile imagination and will probably have suggestions as to the million and one directions I could go in from here and that is great except that I have to choose one or at the most four, given the unconventional way I am writing this thing. but it will good to talk to her as I haven't in a long while.

well it will be interesting in any case. I guess I should go to bed now.
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