February 14th, 2006


exit summer

when I left the house this morning I was wearing my carhartt jacket and halfway to the bus stop I thought no this is silly and turned around and took it home to leave it there. which was fine on my way to the art institute as it was partly cloudy and humid and warm and as I sat in the cafe with the sun shining through the windows little did I know that outside the weather was changing its mind completely.

well not completely. by the time I left at 3, the sun was still out but the wind was gusting from the west with a decided chill and I in my shirtsleeves decided the best thing to do was to walk downtown and hopefully warm myself up rather than stand at a busstop and freeze to death but of course because it is still just above 40F I start to sweat at the slightest motion and then that west wind feels like it is hurling little ice cubes at me. by this time it is too late to decide on a bus as I have turned down a cable car street and there is no way I'm going to pay $5 for a ride down Powell especially in an open vehicle.

so yeah it's chilly here all of a sudden which is of course fine with me but I wished I had kept the jacket this afternoon. I was so cold I was having to be very zen about standing in intersections open to the west. it's just a sensation. it's just a sensation. jesus christ I'm col--it's just a sensation.

now I am in my house which is relatively warm and thinking about how good it is going to feel to crawl under the covers which I think I'm going to do right. about. now.
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