February 24th, 2006



it's friday night.

I have my copy of 33-1/3's In the Aeroplane over the Sea and as much as I want to get to the end to see why Jeff Mangum stopped making music, I feel like making art instead.

I think I need to varnish a few items and let them dry overnight so that I can then attach them to things. items to varnish include feathers and small tree branches. things to attach them to are pretty much the sheet metal self-portrait with wire and railroad yard.

I guess it could use a name.

the question though is do I leave on my brown corduroys which I do not quite feel like getting out of yet but risk getting acrylic goo on them or do I put on my pajamas which I do not mind getting goo on but then pretty much kill my last opportunity to go get fizzy water for the evening.

life is hard.
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