February 25th, 2006


that little extra zing

I just had a bowl of cereal with marginal milk. you know marginal milk--sniff test says eh you might not want to drink that but cereal craving says heated up with the peanut butter puffs you won't be able to tell the difference.

I almost couldn't tell the difference. now I am dealing with marginal aftertaste. if not for this cat on my lap I just might be brushing my teeth but maybe I can cover it over with the taste of the various pills that I melt under my tongue every morning.

::smack smack::

I think I'm going to have to move the cat.

at least my stomach doesn't seem to have any complaints. today I suppose 'get milk' falls fairly close to the top of the list. the annoying thing is I just opened this carton last night but on the happier side it is only a quart because it was not my usual free-range organic milk and I prefer to spend my money on happier cows so this was only stop-gap milk anyway.

maybe it knew I was not really committed to it.
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1 from column "A"

here it is a day off and naturally there are too many things I want to do. isn't this ridiculous? remember how I would sit and stare out the window because absolutely nothing appealed and if I managed to get myself out for a walk half the time I'd come home just pissed off that not even a walk seemed worth the time and effort?

the main question right now is do I go now and do all my out-of-the-house activities and then come back and decide amongst the in-the-house distractions or vice versa. usually I go out in the afternoons after I've been sitting here staring at a screen or book for hours and can't stand to sit here any longer. I'm thinking if I did things the other way around maybe I wouldn't get sick of whatever I was doing come 3pm.

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