February 26th, 2006



I guess it's going to rain today. it's so funny what ten years in california will do to you. yesterday as I went on my early afternoon walk I thought what a shame it was that I did not bring my camera but then I thought oh tomorrow I can always go on a photo tour and of course it never occurred to me that it might start raining tomorrow and then rain for a week.

in seattle of course it was more like: not raining today? call all your friends and have a barbeque cause there's no telling when we'll see the sun again!

anyway it is forecast to rain for the next five days here. tomorrow there is a "100% chance of thunderstorms" which I find unlikely. rain sure. thunderstorms? remember the severe one I narrated to you all that lasted about twenty minutes and consisted of maybe ten lightning strikes within hearing range?

well I suppose I'll be staying inside today. it is day two of my weekend which has begun to coincide with everyone else's--I did work on friday just so that I could justify taking sunday off for a change instead of taking it off anyway but feeling guilty.

being inside doesn't really slim down the list of things I could do. I already know what I'm going to start with. the question will be what to do when that gets old.

the one thing about rain here is that it does mess up my wardrobe selection. in seattle of course there is a reason why no one wears anything but goretex but here I can wear nice looking things and usually not worry about them getting wet. today though. I mean I do have jackets and stuff but still I guess it won't be a fancy shirt day.

but what will I wear? this is one of my favorite things to do: figure out what to wear. back in the day when my body was not shaped right it was a slightly more onerous task although I did delight in throwing on five shirts at a time. no decisions to make when you do that. except for which one to wear on top and if I put on just one more will it make my breasts disappear.

it's been a really long time since I wore all black. isn't that weird?
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random questions

this one looks like it could be an exquisite corpse questionnaire, the questions are so random. I think I'll make it into one if it's not already:


before looking at the questionnaire, answer the question I added, below. you will see it just before the cut.

think of a question of your own, and answer it.

click the cut to see the rest of the questionnaire. answer it. be sure to add your question and answer to the end.

when you post your answers, copy these instructions, replacing my question with yours.

my question: Would you consider participating in blood sports?
my answer: yes. yes I would.

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