March 1st, 2006



I am very tired and thinking of going to bed now and setting my alarm for 11 hours from now. there is no point in getting up early on thursdays since I don't teach until after 4pm and if I get up too early I crash before class even starts. that and stressing out for a few hours is better than stressing out for hours and hours on end.

tomorrow we discuss Maus and watch Resnais' Night and Fog, which will make for a harrowing evening I am sure. I have a vague notion of the general point I want to make and will work on pulling it together tomorrow. I ran over to Berkeley today to get Bersani and Dutoit's book with the Resnais chapter that shares space with Beckett and Rothko. when I saw it was not checked out I dashed downtown to get on BART to get the book before anyone checked it out. it's always checked out.

but so the passage on Night and Fog is exactly what I need to get my point across. thank you Leo and Ulysse. just because he is nice to look at.

the book is out of print so I'm making a pdf out of this copy when I have the spare time to scan in 200 pages. I have three months.

can you tell I'm excited to have gotten my hands on this book?
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