March 3rd, 2006


schedule change. do not adjust your set.

because I did nothing on monday and tuesday I must work through the weekend not only to atone but to catch up.

I'm thinking of making a permanent change to my schedule wherein I work wed-sun and take mon and tue off, right before starting to freak out about teaching. I don't know if it will be a good way to try to relax, anticipating teaching, but I'm hoping to take advantage of my considerable inertia factor that dictates whatever I did yesterday I want to do it today. this seems to work for work as well as play, so I figure since I have to work wed and thurs, maybe the work inertia will keep me working for three more days before I take a day off. then precisely because I have to work wed and thurs, the notwork inertia won't have a chance to get out of hand.

think it will work?

while sitting I realized that I rarely work, really work, more than four to five hours a day. only when I teach do I work a real 8-hr day and I come home completely exhausted when it is over. how do people live like this? there are people who work 10-hr days 6 days a week and are happy. this I cannot wrap my mind around. I can't even do work I like for more than 4 hours.

on the other hand, if it is not work but involves learning something for the hell of it, I can do that all day long. and I don't like to stop: hence monday and tuesday. it's not that I did nothing, actually, but that I couldn't stop learning about php and mysql to do my own work. php and mysql might get me paying work in the future, so it is not utter and sheer play to study it, but right now I need to obsess about other things. why is it that we cannot obsess about what we need to obsess about?
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klein what are you grid

I can never figure out these sex tests but I take them because I am a quizoholic. I'm sure they don't account for the fact that although most of my emotional bonds have been with women my whole adult life, in the past they were "same" sex and now they are "other" sex.

on the other hand it seems consistent enough that I was attracted mostly to the "same" sex then and now. I guess that makes me a homo on both ends, so to speak.

and as always I am unsure how to define "same" and "other." does same=ftm transsexual and other=everybody else? in that case I'd show up as very heterosexual and although etymologically speaking I suppose that would be true, I don't think it would spark particularly accurate images in the reader.

but so I answered the questions as though there were simply a binary and I simply jumped from one pole to the other, and got a result that makes a moderate amount of sense in that model.

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