March 5th, 2006



any minute now I will get dressed and start grading the rest of their papers. I hope I stay awake for it today because I have a number of them to get finished and I do not want to still be doing this tomorrow.

every time I see a greeting card made of a plain paper card with an ink jet printed photograph stuck to it I think 'I could do that' but I never do. what does it take to actually get your greeting cards into the stores? I guess you have to go around to the store owners and peddle them. not sure I'm up for that. maybe one finds a distributor. I could of course sell them on my website.

so far I could sell:

greeting cards

something tells me I will not make a living at this either. in some not too distant future I will be able to market

web design

but the web took a giant leap forward during that time when I could not learn anything and I have not yet caught up. still I notice that 90% of the sites out there still use tables for layout even when cascading style sheets are so much more versatile. but yeah. ok. boring detail. I pledge to use css even though I had gotten table layout down to a science.

the funny thing though (if you are a big geek like me) is that css was supposed to take the layout crap out of html code so that the content was the biggest player in the document but then someone decided it would be fun to use ten lines of javascript to make a link change color when you hover your mouse over it and now content is impossible to locate in source code.

I have to learn javascript apparently. I think knowing php will help insofar as it broke me into the general theory of scripting and programming. kind of like once you've learned french, learning german is easy because you've learned how to learn a language. I would think though that learning chinese for a western speaker would present a whole extra host of difficulties that french, german, even russian don't share. still I should try it sometime. in between finishing my dissertation and teaching myself how to write bash shell scripts.

there isn't enough time, for one. this is a universal problem.
for me there isn't enough energy, and this is a particular problem about which I am particularly resentful. I don't understand why I had to be born with less energy than everyone else but I've practically had a low-grade case of chronic fatigue my entire life I'm telling you. those first three months on testosterone when the day after my shot I only needed six hours of sleep were a real eye-opener (haha). six hours of sleep and abundant energy. then I decided to go insane and require medications that taken together by someone unused to them would result in a nine-month coma.

so much for energy.
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now it rains

it's been looking like rain all day. it hasn't actually rained here, and as I rushed to grade the papers I thought if only I can get through them before it starts raining and well naturally it is raining now. I need a walk badly and I need my rockstar fuel and some candles and.

I suppose I could put on my rain gear. thing about my rain gear is that I bought it in my all black phase--you know, the one that lasted from 1983 until last year--and it does not go with any of my browns and blues. it has a small amount of blue on it, but it's navy blue and next to it the black just makes it obstinately black in theme.

it certainly doesn't go with my pinks but then who wears pink on a rainy day. I am wearing brown, blue and green.

I know a little rain and fashion indiscretion won't kill me but there is this band of yellow and orange headed straight off the ocean for the city it looks like. granted the orange is small and could probably be waited out under an awning somewhere but oh I just don't know.

life is hard. it's cold in here. I need to figure out what's for dinner.
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