March 14th, 2006

mutts earl


the quicktime panoramas of various points on campus give something of the feel of UC Santa Cruz, but they don't quite capture the way it is built on a series of ridges on the side of a mountain covered with redwoods and other evergreens. they don't show the campus paths that look like trails in a rainforest and they don't show the "beware of mountain lion activity" sign at the end of the north parking lot.

UCSC feels like Yosemite, or some camping village in the middle of Sequoia National Park. There are foxes apparently, and coyotes, but the best story told by the graduate assistant in the Politics Department there was of the faculty member who could not get to her office one summer day because a cougar was lying in the hallway. I'm fairly certain this is not a joke meant to scare off tenderfoots; she says that in the summer they come down out of the forest and sneak into the air conditioned buildings to get away from the heat.

I'm fairly certain I was meant to work in this environment. will have to check out Santa Cruz job listings just in case.

(it was also great to spend the day with zyrc, whom I hadn't seen in far too long.)
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