March 26th, 2006



I meditated for 70 minutes this morning.
I have taken my pills.
I just got out of the shower.
I have applied moisturizer to my face and arms (shut up).
I have spread a little coconut oil and mica hair shine on my beard.
I am freshly dressed.

now what.

I must call my aunt this evening but otherwise I have no obligations because I worked yesterday without really meaning to.

I can't decide whether to forge on with the php education or to read a little about apache on mac osx or go for a walk or paint a little.

I would have to change clothes to paint. the clothes I have on I do not want to get painty.

there are also books I could read. I could choose from the hundreds I am halfway through.

I did finish the In the Aeroplane Over the Sea book in the 33-1/3 series and it made me sad that Jeff Mangum is not cut out for fame and fortune because I'd sure like to hear more music like that. why he doesn't do like Jandek does I don't know. there are ways to be a recluse and still get your stuff out there.

it made me think of ways I could be a recluse and still get my stuff out there and when I think about it I feel as though I am not going anywhere with anything and then I remember I am writing a dissertation and that is one of those things that commands all your attention while you do it and can also be one of those things that you publish after you graduate with it. we'll see. I need to email judith.

today though. how best to use the next four hours because after that I will have to get out of the house for a little while.
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