April 3rd, 2006


time zone

so I really went to bed at 7:30 last night and set my alarm for 5:30 and managed to get out of bed at 6 and for some reason I am still sleepy. I think the time change gets me even when I try to shock my system into adapting, like going to bed at 7:30 and waking up at 5:30.

I keep such an erratic schedule though that daylight savings time really shouldn't mess me up so much. I sometimes go to bed at 10 and sometimes at 8 and I always set my alarm for 9-10 hours later and so last night was not that different from other nights except that I guess I was going to bed exceptionally early. for some reason setting the alarm for a time that starts with "5" always means I am sleepy the next day even if I've gotten twelve hours of sleep.

but so I did not do laundry first thing as I was thinking I'd just get work done early and then maybe go do laundry but here it is nearly 10 and I have not begun working yet so getting up early is proving to have been completely impractical.

except that getting up early makes me feel almost as virtuous as walking five miles which I think I will do today too. interestingly yesterday I noticed the magic of gatorade for the very first time. when I was young we had gatorade in the house and I'd drink it in the summer when it was so ridiculously hot and sweaty and it tastes good when you are thirsty but this was the first time I actually felt a tremendous energy boost after like three gulps. I was about two thirds of the way home and feeling like a floppy wet dishrag so I stopped in a convenience store and the gatorade display seemed to be yelling out drink me! so I grabbed one in the old original lemon-lime flavor because the blue ones scare me and man did that ever turn out to be what I needed! I mean maybe it was just the sugar but I fairly bounced the rest of the way back.

good to know, though.

I am a day behind on my shot but I'm out of syringes. I don't feel like going all the way down to Tom Waddell to get more but if not today I will just have to go tomorrow night when they actually expect the transsexuals to show up asking for things.

I am now going to scrounge for acceptable socks and get dressed and write another sentence. after that there are things I should do besides study php/mysql but chances are I'll do that anyway. I've gotten to the chapter on javascript and having gotten used to php it no longer looks nonsensical to me so I suppose I should be learning it more thoroughly too.

there's way too much to do. way too much.
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well that got out of hand

I was going to stop after three paragraphs knowing that I had a little more I wanted to say then decided to go ahead and say it and out comes this five-paragraph rant about surface unconsciousness and sympathy for the devil and my first words to the cat.

I think I will have to fix it in the morning. it's one of those things that you suspect you know what you are trying to say but somewhere between that suspicion and the keyboard it loses its linear cohesion which in fact it probably never had to begin with and so you end up pressing some sort of order onto it and bits stick out here and there like little amputated limbs.

but in any case I have now finished for the day and it is 1pm like it's supposed to be instead of 2 like it was yesterday at this time.

there are things I need to do like find my aunt a hotel room for commencement and I suspect that the hotels near campus raise their rates for that special week but maybe I can put her in a place in el cerrito and then come and get her with a city carshare car.

it's not possible for her to sleep here. I wouldn't ask anyone over fifty to try to sleep on our daybed. and I sure wouldn't let a relative see the way we don't really clean here.

rain here and there suggests rain gear for another walk. my sloth half wants to stay in and learn javascript. there'd be time for both if I got going soon.

la de da.
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going to bed at 7:30 felt so good last night I might do it again although I'd better get started brushing my teeth soon. still no time to do laundry in the morning as I have therapy at 10 but I could squeeze in a little work maybe. like maybe going over the mess I made today and seeing if it is not a complete embarrassment.

also if I stay up much longer I'm going to want something to eat and all I have is cereal or zone bars and I don't want a zone bar and the idea of starting walking again was not so that I could have two bowls of cereal at night.

I guess I am non-celebrating daylight savings time by trying to outdo it. you know it was actually pretty easy to get up at 6 having slept ten and a half hours.

there. a post about laundry, therapy, cereal and sleep. just in case you all had forgotten who I was.
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