April 5th, 2006



so I order 100 syringes cheap with overnight shipping not so cheap but cheap enough to be worth it and I call UPS today to tell them to tell the driver to take them off the truck so that I could pick them up at the warehouse this evening and as happens about 1 in 10 times the driver forgot to take them off the truck so no one can get to them until tomorrow morning.

meantime I'm two days late for my shot which isn't that big a deal as I'm not feeling overly fatigued yet and in fact have walked 15 miles in the last three days but I wanted them tonight so I could get the psychological boost before teaching tomorrow but so now what I'm going to have to do is get up early tomorrow, sit, prepare a little, stop in the middle of preparation to go get the package, come home, inject, and then carry on.

again not that big a deal as I will get a citycarshare car which means the whole adventure will take all of 30 minutes if things go well on their end ::tends offering to shipping gods:: but it does interfere with my routine and that is always a big red no especially on the days I teach.

so now I'm here waiting to get sleepy from the klonopin/warm milk combo I ingested upon coming back. how quickly this happens will determine what time I get up in the morning. am having some difficulty slowing brain down because Judith made many thoughtful comments on my dissertation and I find myself wanting to go in and fix everything so that she can see that I am saying the things she isn't sure I'm saying but I don't have time to do any of that till friday.

I have been scribbling notes here and there but there's no stretch of time that I can just sit and write until friday morning unless tomorrow night I come home with my head full which rarely happens I usually just collapse from exhaustion after teaching.

lisagail had a minimally invasive medical procedure today but has to stay in the hospital overnight and now I have no idea how she's doing because she's not online but I haven't heard from kate so things must have gone ok. the deal is that it can be a very painful procedure but as some of you know lisagail has an awesome pain threshold. I'm just hoping they aren't pushing its limits tonight or that they're giving her a nice bolus on that morphine pump. I told her to try to enjoy the drugs for me so I hope that is within the realm of possibility.

it is beginning to look like I might have a few sources of summer income. this is good. how much of it will be telecommutable will determine my vacation pattern. I haven't been anywhere in over a year. well I've been here but I haven't been anywhere else. the thought of the essex road going up into the providence mountains in the mojave preserve almost makes me cry at this point. of course there's no way I'd enjoy it there until at least october so there's little use in staring rosily in its direction until then.

I begin to feel a finger of relaxation. that it would spread to my limbs soon.
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