April 6th, 2006



today is the day I try to get three days' worth of work done in twelve hours. first I have to sit and then read a bit and then go get my syringes and then shoot myself and then read some more and decide what to say and then go and sit office hours which no one ever attends and then actually teach what I read earlier and then and only then I get to go home to bed.

so. I guess I'd better get started.

I've run out of things to do on myspace. :o

I hope zyrc is ok today.
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mutts earl

january 10

this is a cool meme found in mactavish's lj: enter your birthdate into Wikipedia and list three events, two births, and a death that happened on that day in any year.

49 BC - Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon, signaling the start of civil war.
1920 - League of Nations holds its first meeting and ratifies the Treaty of Versailles ending World War I.
1927 - The film Metropolis by Fritz Lang premiers.

1887 - Robinson Jeffers, American poet (d. 1962)--ok this is a little eerie as this fellow was a west coast poet who was born on what was to become my birthday and then died the year that I was born.
1938 - Willie McCovey, American baseball player

1778 - Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist (b. 1707)

some interesting things have happened on my day.
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quitting time

I did everything I had to do today and it all went fine I think except for the part where the buses were running late today both coming and going. I mean really late--it took an hour and a half to make a journey that normally takes 50 minutes. very extremely frustrating.

on the bus there, the backdoor was broken so that it would not automatically close after passengers exited so at each stop we had to wait until someone in the crowd in the back near the door intuited that it needed to be closed by hand. generally some guy would do it until his stop and then we'd all wait till somebody else figured it out. I would have helped sooner but I was trapped by the window and the bus was very crowded.

also I was trapped by the window with the sun shining through it--I have to remember that in the afternoons on the way out my default "left side of the bus" needs to be toggled off. by the time I got to the art institute a half hour late I was hot and sweaty and dehydrated and my head hurt. all in time for teaching! fortunately I was late for office hours so still had time before class to sit and dry out and cool off.

on the way back there just was no bus for about half an hour when they normally run every ten minutes. or they used to. with the service cuts they probably don't run that often anymore. in any case the drivers don't seem much to care whether they stay on time or not. the schedules are useless pieces of wishful thinking.

anyway I always sit in the back because it is the most interesting part of the bus and because I can't handle the stress of sitting in the front and trying to clock every entering passenger on age and disability so that you don't commit the faux pas of being a Young Able-Bodied Person Not Giving Up His Seat. in the back no one gives up their seats for anyone unless one of those 80 year olds makes it back there in which case everyone gets up in amazement and tribute.

nothing of note happened in the back today. I saw some really ugly people and I know it is "looksist" to discriminate against the aesthetically challenged but sometimes you want to ask a person dude have you just completely given up? I don't know anyone who can't improve their appearance by their bearing and by their clothing choices--not that they have to be expensive, but can't they be clean and at least not of absolutely clashing color and shape?--and by hair styles and simply by not sitting there slackjawed with your tongue lolling about in your mouth. unless you have had a bad reaction to an antipsychotic you should really close that mouth.

I mean sometimes I meet people who clearly have gotten a bad shake from life and can't afford false teeth and whatnot but even they look like they have more self-regard than those who Just Don't Care. I don't understand Not Caring. maybe there are good reasons for it but I like to see people who appear to be making some effort to look after themselves, if they are capable of it.

this is me risking offense. off to bed now.
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