April 7th, 2006


better late

I am finally printing out my dissertation for the Unknown Committee Member whom I don't even recognize when I see her. I'm going to have to leave an explanatory note for her about the style and structure as she is not privy to the discussions I've had with Judith and Lyn.

Michael will have to wait till next week for his copy. I don't have time to sit and wait for it to print out twice right now and I don't think I have enough plain paper besides. I could print it on glossy photo paper but that would just be a waste, wouldn't it.

I guess then I will run this over to berkeley and then run back. I have nothing much else to do over there except that I did finally get an admin account on the rhetoric/film server and can start work on the pedagogy website we have been waiting for for so long. of course I won't be doing a lot of work on it till summer, but it would be nice to have an excuse to screw around with geeky things on my off time. also I get to figure out a color scheme for the whole thing. sometimes I'm not so sure I do that all that well as I tend to favor bright saturated color but that is fatiguing to the eye on a website. I am slowly learning to tone it down.

the dissertation clocks at 160 pages right now. Judith wanted a "final draft" by the 18th and although I will have something substantially chunkier than the last batch by then, I can't say it will be anything like "final." Shit. I need at least more than a day to get the bibliography straightened out. I haven't been maintaining it as I go very well.

but I will let her be in her optimism for now and turn in whatever I've got ten days from now and see what she says. if she insists on me filing this semester the next month and a half are going to be completely insane. but what are finishing dissertations for, if not driving you nuts the last days before they can become official.

print print print print. I wonder if this will take less than an hour.
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yeah I'm not going to make it over to berkeley today. printing is done but vague nausea + headache = BART ride contraindicated. it may seem a sissie thing, not getting on a moving vehicle when one is only feeling marginally ill, but trust me when I say that starting a BART ride out this way can mean ruining an entire day feeling much much worse.

as though it weren't enough to be part of the special populations I already am a part of, I am also highly prone to motion sickness. family trips used to be a horror of me throwing up intermittently and banging my head back and forth against the seat back to try to ward off nausea. I guess if I got my head moving so radically that it canceled out the car movement my inner ear was pacified. I finally stopped being so sick when we got a car with back windows I could see out of. it wasn't a panacea but it helped. my mom fed me dramamine once and was a little freaked at how thoroughly it knocked me out. I vaguely remember the trip, being carried out of the car and laid upon whomever we were visiting's bed so that I could continue to sleep it off. I was happy though because I was not feeling like throwing up. sleeping, as it is now, was not something I was particularly averse to.

but yes, a BART ride under these conditions could mean me being sick all evening. I don't throw up anymore although there have been times when I wasn't sure I wasn't going to, but the headache and the queasiness are just about the most unpleasant of "mild" symptoms that there are.

I think, though, that a walk to Office Max for more paper and ink might be ok. reed's ginger candy is also a nice thing.
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