April 8th, 2006


black hole

that's what the internet has suddenly become with trying to keep up with both myspace and lj. on myspace, I have to ask, is it customary to befriend completely random people just to up your friend count? I've posted like two snotty entries to my blog, described my sexual orientation as "unknown," and have written in my profile that I am about to be a phd and that I'm transsexual.

based upon this information I have received many spams from internet chicks with hot pics that came from god knows where but also a number of random friend requests from people I've never met online or off and with whom I cannot ascertain anything in common. 

I've thought of making it a policy over there just to friend everyone who asks and see what happens. only one person (zyrc) has even signed up to read my blog so I don't know what I'm supposed to do with these new "friends." is it like friendster where you basically spend your time toasting people in their comments section? I never really did get the hang of that. I mean I know how to do it but it is not my idea of fun internet time. I do see a lot of "thanks for the add" comments which seems to indicate that friendings are a relatively scarce resource if so many people are that grateful for them. so maybe I should withhold my friendings until my myspace capital worth increases?

oh the studies that could be done.

I am still not used to this motherfucking time change. I just looked at my computer clock and thought no way is it already 1:30 but alas it is. I'm ready to fall back now. as is I'm going to be going to bed while it is still light out all summer unless we radically change my meds.

this is my one day off although I can feel the urge to take tomorrow off too but really what I should do is grade papers in the morning and then goof off in the afternoon. I don't have the time for a real weekend until after I turn in my "final draft" which will be nothing like a final draft but we'll see what Judith and Lyn make of it.

fact of it is though is that I'm nearly done with my dissertation. five years ago I didn't think this would ever happen because I didn't think my little fascists were going to be giving me my brain back anytime soon.

what do you know.
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cd meme

I'm not sure what the point of this is other than to congratulate yourself for your fine musical taste. I guess amazon probably won't notice the hotlinking but I'm trying to figure out why a table with cd covers would be a good thing to add to my profile on myspace.

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