April 20th, 2006


craigslist is an optical illusion

so many things on the web are nonstarters. does anyone actually know anyone who has gotten a job or even a gig through craigslist? sold something? I've tried selling things there, peddling my talents, and responding to help wanted ads without so much as a nibble. "you see ads there all the time" is not a persuasive reason to put your ad there. what you want to be told is "you hear about people finding xxx on craigslist all the time."

it's like ebay. everyone and her aunt tries to sell things on ebay and it seems the vast majority of the items there receive no bids at all by the end of the auction and you end up paying ebay $60 for a fancy page with your merchandise on it that no one pays any attention to. I've never made any money there; only lost it.

this makes me think that what I really should do is come up with some internet service that people will use because they are sure it works because everyone uses it and charge seller's fees or display fees or want ad fees. or make it free and sell advertising based on its high traffic from people who have come to expect instant miracles from the internet. I really think my next fortune is going to come from the internet; I'm just not sure how and right now I don't have time to try things, which is frustrating because later I'll have some sort of job that will take up all my time. I hate having to work. seriously hate it.

true freedom will come the day we realize that the wealth of the earth belongs to everyone, not just the quickest to stake claims on it. but I'm not optimistic that's ever going to happen.
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