April 24th, 2006



no return call. perhaps in the morning--I did mention I would be available the next three days. she's in no rush I'm sure.

am feeling a bit sleepy like it should be time to sit and it about is but I have to say that these 50-minute meditation/naps in the evenings are not quite what I'd like them to be and although they are very relaxing before bed it is actually quite difficult to wake myself up and get up off the floor to actually go to bed. you know how it is when you are falling asleep on the couch and you think perhaps I'll just stay here till morning. of course I can't sleep all night in a sitting position but getting up from it is no less painful than getting up off the couch after a deep slumber.

maybe I should brush my teeth beforehand and give Jackson his pill so that the only thing I have to do is get to the bathroom to pee and then I can climb right up to bed.

tonight though I can tell it's going to be a long session of drifting in and out of consciousness if I sit. maybe I should just go to bed. I could get up at, like, 5. and go do laundry if I am so fortunate as to have been paid by then.

I'm a little worried about an email saying accounting is closed tomorrow and giving special instructions for contacting payroll. I'm not entirely trusting that my paycheck will show up where it is supposed to at the appointed time. there is so much about the art institute that is completely incoherent and insane that I'm not sure why I want to work there so badly.

of course by tomorrow my socks might be dry. but other items are starting to pile up now.
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