April 27th, 2006



it is thursday. for all practical purposes regarding what I have to do, the last class was today. the next two weeks they will be doing presentations and I will be catching up on the grading and finishing my dissertation.

tomorrow I think I will do nothing productive other than a couple of pain-in-the-ass things I have to do in order to procure next month's prozac.

still playing phone tag with the boss. am going to email her tomorrow and suggest a face-to-face meeting at whatever time and place she finds convenient. since my schedule is uber-flexible I can meet anytime at any place, just about. the suspense is killing me.

I'm only writing this entry so that thursday will not be blank. this is the first chance I've had to sit and write today. it is also my last because when I am done I will brush my teeth and go to bed. very sleepy, you see.

ok then.

one of my favorite internet people is losing her husband to cancer. many of you know who, but to keep privacy where it should be I won't say but whatever you do to elicit kindness out of the universe, try to get some to go in their direction. east coast.

I think that is all I need to do right now.
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