April 29th, 2006


to work or not to work

I was going to work today
then I wasn't going to work
then I was
then I wasn't
but now I am so I have to open the file now and write at least one new sentence because the problem seems to be something like having fallen off a horse and being unable to get back on so all I have to do is open the file.

open the file now.

open the file.

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mission accomplished. for real.

I opened the file and wrote five sentences that I did not like so I deleted them and wrote fifteen more in their place. I think this counts as back on the horse. tomorrow I have to crack a book. the aim is to get from inquiètude to oscillation to metonymy. I've actually already done the oscillation part but need to go back to inquiètude to show why they can be understood as the same sort of motion. from oscillation to metonymy is a little step.

and then it will be time to open The Making of Americans again, although I don't have as much time to talk about it as I thought I would have. that's ok, I think.

this is what the back stretch is like, isn't it? for every ten yards you run, they move the finish line nine yards further away.

it could be worse. they could be moving it fifteen yards.
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