May 5th, 2006


spot on

what is it with me and white shirts? is it that I have coffee stains on every shirt I own and they only show up on the white ones or is it really that I only spill when I'm wearing white?

this one has to go soak.

someone needs to improve the carboard cup/plastic lid technology. too bad I'm not an engineer.
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still hating the springing forward

I think daylight savings time just makes it worse. you know. the way the days themselves speed past now.

I must remember though to look on the bright side: I do get that first cup of coffee much more often than I used to.

once upon a time a day was an entire novel to be written, a painting to paint, a castle to build.

now it is time enough to press the clay together for one brick and maybe fire it. three sentences on the novel and one coat of background wash. check your email and go to bed.

I want to know why this happens.
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