May 7th, 2006


well then

any minute now I'm going to put on clothes, stuff these pj's into the laundry bag, and march on down the street with all my dirty laundry. I got going a little later than I intended, partially because I seem to have set the clock radio to npr which speaks to me in my dreams instead of waking me up and partialy for reasons which would be way way tmi. in the meantime though I have managed to down about twice as much coffee as I figured I would before going. the laundromat has free coffee but it is of course nearly undrinkable.

what am I saying. it's hot and caffeinated. it goes down easy as pie.

I hope there is a lull between the 7am mass people and the 11am mass people.
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strategic misstep

somewhere I vaguely remember trying this before and being slightly astonished but you wouldn't believe the number of families dressed for church who do their laundry early sunday morning. I guess if life is very busy you get your chores done when you can but 7am sunday at a laundromat you wouldn't think would be a zoo.

it calmed down by 9:30, about the time I finished. obviously they are all going to 9am mass. do they do mass at 9am? I'm not versed in these things.

I will try to remember that laundry on sunday = sleep in.

but on the bright side I had clean laundry all folded and put away by 10:30am. I think I might be ready to go back to bed but I'm going to sit instead which sometimes works out to be the same thing.
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celebrity club

hey bay area. it's short notice but I'm going to drink some coffee and hie myself up to K'vetch at Sadie's Flying Elephant bar, 491 Potrero (on the corner of Mariposa) around 7:30 cause I've decided to follow Max around and read wherever he does. well maybe not but this once seemed like a good idea.

I'm tired and don't know what to wear and I think will read the glory hole excerpt as that seems to warm people up. I'll post it after. I've posted it before but I've changed a few things.

it is time to put on loud music and start throwing clothing around. oh wait. wrong drugs.
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