May 8th, 2006


night out

I am pleased with how last night went even if it did mean sleeping in till 9:30 this morning. I have things I need to get done but I'm feeling a bit scattered which reminds me I need my shot. that could help. I must email everyone who I think is coming to commencement as I must get the tickets (and rent my gown and buy my funny little hat) on Wed at the latest. plus I have grading to do but it seems like I need to be doing things to get ready to 'graduate' even though until the dissertation is done I won't have and I am finding it difficult to make time actually to write.

I think what I need to do is get the grading stuff done and out of the way so that I can concentrate on writing for a couple of weeks. I seriously think that with a sustained effort I could be just about finished in a couple of weeks. the hard part is chasing down the weeks.


email commencement 'maybes'
grade papers
grade essays for last semester's incompletes
tally response papers
write up presentation responses/grades

unfortunately I do not want to do any of this today but I should get a couple of hours in at least.

uff. it's late. I want my afternoon playtime.
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