May 9th, 2006



do we get mockingbirds here? there sure seems to be one out on the chimney of the building next door. he's singing his heart out and sounds like a different bird each time he starts a chorus.

oh he just left. dang. santiago and I were mesmerized.

I will sit now. what a nice way to start.

I have to decide what kind of work to do today. the devil on my right shoulder says 'build your website' while the angel on my left says 'grade the papers.'

oh which one to obey?
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mutts earl


today's slacking consisted of making error detection a little more sophisticated for my new but still top-secret contact page.

go ahead. try to fake it out.

you'll note I only allow us phone numbers; I might change my mind if I get complaints from overseas wanting my web design skills. tutoring or installing ram I assume will all be done stateside.

next up: client-side validation with javascript so that you can get the form right before pestering my server. then I'll work on the layout.
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