May 10th, 2006


that one thing you forget until after your pajamas are on

damn. need milk. am sitting here in my shorts and sandals because the sun has been pouring through our western facing windows all afternoon and I was just out there sweating and walking home and trying to remember if I needed anything and I forgot the milk.

this means I must get dressed again.

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for every ten soulless bureaucrats there is one who gives a shit about what happens to people

in the good news department, the nice lady at the pharmacy this morning called the clinic--after I had asked to pay out of pocket for a week's worth of meds--and asked them to renew my coverage please and they did.

after I had asked them twice they finally did it for someone with some sort of credentials or something I guess. it wasn't a pharmacist but a clerk but whatever so tomorrow I will have meds and hopefully they will be covered as usual.

I did not want to wait till 9 tonight to pick them up which is when they'll be ready. this place may be nice but they are very very very slow. I have a feeling they are trying to do their jobs for almost no money and under conditions of serious understaffing. welcome to capitalist public health care.
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