May 14th, 2006


nerves of butter

lisagail is here and I am jumpy as a bean and she is napping after having to take the airport shuttle at 3am to the seattle airport because you know the shuttle always picks you up absurdly early so they can't be held accountable for your being late for your plane of which hers left at 6:30 and got here at about 8:15.

fortunately catherine just called to calmly tell me where everyone should meet tomorrow and at what time so that is taken care of. my aunt donna has not yet rolled into town or at least she hasn't called me yet. she was staying around Grants Pass last night and I don't know if she was taking 101 or I-5 the rest of the way but if 101 she probably won't be here until closer to sundown whereas I-5 would be getting her here anytime now.

judith is taking a bunch of students to dinner and lisa and I will be going to that in a couple of hours. it is getting a little too late to be able to pick donna up and bring her too although she is invited if she shows up soon.

mostly the cats are very confused because I keep letting lisa nap up on my bed and they can't quite figure out the possible situations in which I'd be down here and a voice would be coming from up there.

in some ways I'll be glad when this is all over although I do like having lisa visit.
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