May 15th, 2006



soon I must go get hooded. this morning in my email was a detailed message describing how to get hooded properly. you drape your hood across your left arm and present it to your hooder which is fine as long as the stress doesn't keep me from being able to tell left from right. the nice thing is that there are several PhD students ahead of me so I will get to watch how they do before I have to do it.

I have to figure out what to wear now. I guess it's going to be black and white and look like a waiter despite my best intentions.
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I am old

I am so old even the long days seem short. I've been going non-stop since 8am but the illusion that you have spent half your life getting through a day just isn't holding for me anymore. it was short, we did a bunch of shit, went to berkeley, drove to san francisco, drove back to berkeley, came back to the city and in between all that had coffee, dinner, a two-hour commencement ceremony, and several pats on the back.

hardly seems possible. tomorrow will go just as quickly but I will have had less sleep.

thank you to all the little people who made this possible.
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