May 19th, 2006


every little advance

I wrote the code to do this from scratch: I have a little history list in the navigation bar now. if you visit my index and the menu and the contact pages in succession, you'll see what happens.

of course, with nowhere else to go as of yet, the history list gets a little redundant after awhile, but it does keep up with you wherever you go within the new directory. I think I am now done with the contact form and the basic layout of the pages so next I write up all the stuff I seem to think I can do and add those pages with links to the contact page so that it all starts to make coherent webbish sense.

if anything looks funky, tell me. I've tried it out on several different browsers in both windoze and OS X and of course it looks way the hell better in OS X but should look decent in just about anything.

I did other things today too. in fact most of my day was spent doing other things, but I will segregate them into the nongeek post of the evening.
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part two

what I really did all day was spend hours at the spca while they took xrays of jackson's chest to make an educated guess as to what is making him cough and it doesn't seem to be his heart so that is good. chances are he has some sort of respiratory infection and/or asthma and so I'm to give him antibiotics and theophylline, of which any older asthmatics among you probably recognize the name. it's a bronchodilator, for those out of the know. I'm supposed to give it to him at night for reasons I'm not certain of.

santiago has been hissing at poor jackson all evening as I guess he must really smell different after his long walk to the vet and back. I keep trying to get him to really take a good sniff of the guy but he won't get close enough yet. jackson is actually fairly unconcerned with the snit--it's santiago who is all whacked out.

silly cats. vision doesn't count for much with them as far as recognition goes. I hope they get things straightened out by bedtime so we can all sleep together peacefully.

I walked with jackson to the spca as it is about a mile away. I rigged up the plastic carrier to accept my briefcase strap so most of his weight was on my shoulders and back rather than just hanging off the end of my arm. it turns out that at 11lbs he weighs less than do my laptop and books and papers on an average work day. the walk was strangely pleasant as he was very quiet and not at all heavy.

now then I am going to sit and then I will go to bed. I must get up early and start grading papers as soon as I can so that I can then quit early in the day and work on those things more dear to my heart like my website for instance.
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