June 3rd, 2006

mutts earl


it's funny but in the middle of doing all this coding I get cranky and in need of food and water and a cool place out of the sun so I go for a little walk out where it is not a cool place because this is the mission and it's a warm place nearly always but I come back with fizzy water and I make a bowl of cereal and bit by bit I relax until I'm ready to start coding again and then I can't seem to stop in time to go to bed at a decent hour.

I'm very excited about this although it looks very unexciting but in order to get it to do that you have to ask the database all sorts of questions about the data in it and then you have to ask it to give it up to you in the right order and make sure that the parts of it that are only pointers to something outside the database point in the right direction and at least I am getting pretty good at ending all my statements with ;.

that's usually the hardest thing to do when you are learning this stuff--remember that ; that goes at the end of nearly every line. fortunately it is one of the easiest things to debug.

I wish I had drugs so I could stay up all night. I mean I suppose it's just as good to get up in the morning and start working but staying up all night really turns on the obsession motor and there is nothing that can distract you for hours on end.

or maybe that's the drugs.
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