June 8th, 2006


santiago and the clock radio

santiago is fascinated with my clock radio. I swear, though, I think he hits snooze for me. I didn't get up until 45 minutes after I heard the first alarm and hit snooze, but I don't remember hearing any others. the snooze button on this clock is extra special because it adds ten minutes of snooze time if you press it multiple times at once. say the alarm goes off at 6: if I immediately press snooze twice, it won't go off again till 6:20. this is truly a dangerous device.

this morning I had to bar the cat from that side of the head of the bed because he decided to forage there. when santiago forages, objects go flying every which way as he tries to reach whatever sort of huge bug he's hallucinating at the bottom of the pile. I have books and cds up there mostly, two water bottles, a bottle of cough syrup and a bottle of miscellaneous pills. he was foraging in the cds for the most part but knocked over everything possible in the process. so I pushed him away but of course with this cat if you push him away from something it only makes him all the more keen for whatever he was doing so you have to then either barricade him or distract him.

wanting to sleep, there was no way I was going to distract him, so I stuck my arm up over my head across in front of the space where all my crap is and everytime I felt a little furry body part I would simply push him back to the other side. he will give up eventually and this was not a particularly taxing way to barricade him, but I still wasn't sure he'd give up before I fell back asleep. somewhere along the line, though, he decided to crawl under the covers instead so I was able to relax and go back to sleep.

he's still under there.
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dressed up and going nowhere

I have on my sexy pants again and am armed with coffee again and aim to get through the end of my dissertation today or that is its current end to see what sort of shape it is in and what exactly I have to do with the stapled-on earlier essay that currently resides in the place of a last chapter to the degree that I have chapters which I don't really but when this thing is actually done judith says she will go through and edit it into chapters to satisfy the grad division. she said 'you won't even have to see that version.'


well I must finish soon so here goes the next day's worth of effort. I find it hard to believe that these days are coming to an end. in fact I don't really believe it at all but then I never could tell when a paper was done until I'd written the end and I'd think huh. I think I might be done. when that day comes with this thing I will probably implode. which is less messy than exploding, at least.

maybe there will be pics of the pants later. I tried webcamming them but the fish-eye-like webcam doesn't really capture them very well.

oh fuck me. you know what I forgot? I'd better go do my shot now. hold the phone.


there. that should help fix some things. tomorrow.
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and now it's past my bedtime.

it was a four-hour project, those pants. and that doesn't include the time spent trying on pants that looked terrible.

I just thought of an art project that consisted of taking a camera into the nordstrom rack dressing room and taking your picture in as many different changes of clothes as possible. and then walk out without buying anything.

oh I like this idea.

I wonder if the people watching the hidden cameras would get upset.
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