June 10th, 2006



::pistol to head::

no one told me that richard butler had released a solo album and did a US tour this spring.

no one.

twenty-four years of seeing him every time I was in the same city as he was and I missed it.

am consoling myself by downloading the album.
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geek day

you know how it is when you've been tweaking config files and moving stuff around and trying this and that and nothing works and you try being explicit and you try going with the defaults and hours go by and you try reconfiguring the server and restarting the database and finally as the day draws to an end you try one tiny change in the config file that you can't imagine why it would make any difference and you are fairly certain you tried it yesterday but you try it again anyway

and it works.

I'm taking monday off.
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oh and

lest you think I have a heart of stone, I'm also saddened by the passing of micro-kitty. I realized last night that if he died I would probably even cry, and I did. I'm not sure how I got so attached to a tiny little cat whom I never even saw. I've watched them go a million ways in my past life as a vet tech, but occasionally one comes along that everybody falls in love with.

you'll note, in the picture accompanying that post, that the 'larger cat' is a three-week old kitten. that's how small micro-kitty really was. it's a long (but too short) story and you can follow it back from there if you wish.
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