June 14th, 2006


lost in space

help me. I can't seem to stop coding. I will sit here for eight hours straight, only getting up to pee or to eat, and I tweak and twiddle and fuss and squint and just keep copying and pasting until it seems that the number of documents needed to accomplish what I want to accomplish grows exponentially each day but each day I'm only capable of grinding out so many.

then I have to find a way to get myself off the computer and into bed so that I can get up and start it all again in the morning. I'm giving myself one more day of this and then it's dissertation for three days before I get to re-obsess.

thing is I'm working my ass off to get the functionality right but of course it is totally unimpressive to look at what it actually produces but the easy part is designing the layout after all the code has been written. then you just tell the browser where to put each piece and how big and what color.

the result is that I feel I cannot show this to anyone yet in order to get some cash out of them. I think I need to get over the compulsion to have everything perfect before springing it on people. this is something I've done my whole life. what I probably should do is get it over onto the rhetoric server as-is, show them what it can do, and then direct them to my new blog for a little idea of what it can look like gussied up.

see I want to stay up all night working on this but I really should wind it up and head for bed so that I can get up at a decent hour and not feel like I totally lost the day.
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