June 22nd, 2006


hot hot heat

I guess I should go to berkeley today since tomorrow is just supposed to be hotter still. on the other hand I have to leave the house early tomorrow already and head downtown and going to berkeley from there would be particularly easy not that it's not so easy from here but there I'm even closer to BART.

I really want to take all my clothes off and lie in front of a big fan. I know I should be happy I'm not up against the hills in the east bay where it will be hottest, but I am in the warmest neighborhood in the city so in some ways I might as well be over there.

never do today what you can put off till tomorrow, right?

on the other hand if I went to berkeley today I could take a two-block detour out of my way to go pee in a cup for the pee in a cup people. I'm getting really tired of doing it but I have to do it 8 times a year and we let my year slip almost all the way by before really dealing with this fact so I have to go like four times between now and the middle of july.

I need most to write, which I could do in berkeley but it puts me at the disadvantage of being away from all my books.

what I am probably going to do is remain shirtless and shoeless and go sit in the livingroom with my feet up with unplugged laptop and a couple of books and do some writing. I segued towards Gertrude Stein yesterday so today I should plunge in or at least look at the old essay that is currently tacked onto the end of everything as though it might say something like I want it to say and try to determine whether it really does, or which parts do. then I'd have to do the hardest thing to do in writing: stitch the pieces of the essay that are useful onto what I've got without having to write fifteen pages' worth of transitional devices.

I should work now.

when I have done all I can in that connection I will go to berkeley if I think I can survive the heat. I seriously became overheated the other day just walking to the corner store--body temperature regulation can be a problem with a couple of the meds I'm on--so if my body is going to be that way I might ought to stay in till 6pm or so.

either way I should put this water bottle in the freezer for a few minutes.
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run on sentences

ten pages in two days is about the right pace I think for for finishing in a week or two; I have yet to decide what from the old Stein essay to use but I think I have to frame my introduction to her writing first in order to be able to know whether anything in there will fit. if not I will just make it all up which is what I'm doing anyway, with hardly any footnotes and a skinny bibliography that I will have to flesh out somewhat by finding references for my passing remarks about this or that author. for instance I crammed saussure, lacan and jacobson into one sentence about metaphor and metonymy so now I get to put them in my bibliography but I'm not sure I have actually read jacobson yet so much as read about him, so I'm going to have to find out what his basic or seminal text is/was.

I so very badly want to go shopping now but it is a) hot and I am b) supposed to be saving money. I tried finding something at zappos to engage my attention yesterday but their selection of sizes has totally gone to hell. almost nothing that I liked was in stock in a 7 or 8, both of which are too big for me but I can deal with 8's with heavy socks. I don't know if they are just so outrageously popular now that they can't keep shoes in stock or if they are taking in a lot of overstock which would explain the "zappo's exclusive"'s that only come in size 11 and above.

I'd probably do better at shoe pavilion or someplace like that. I wonder how many stores downtown are air-conditioned..?

yeah I could go to berkeley too but tomorrow early in the morning for that. there's no way I'm walking around with a heavy bookbag in this weather. I suppose I could nap the day away again but two days in a row of that is excessive. perhaps I will do little coding. problem there is I get caught up and don't want to stop and there goes the dissertation. if I have a one-track mind I'd best keep it on the right track, you know?
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the laptop is officially too hot to hold in my lap. I hope its little processor doesn't overheat cause I need it to keep me company while I hide from the worst of it. I've propped up the front edge on a roll of masking tape so that the air I am blowing around with this ancient oscillating fan that you have to go at with needlenose pliers to get it to stop oscillating will circulate underneath the laptop and hopefully provide some radiational relief.

the fan is for me too. I noticed that if I moved through the air the sweat on my head actually cooled me off. I guess that's what this sweating thing is all about. see I've always viewed fans as bringers-in of cooler air so that when it is this hot a fan at the window is useless but only recently has the pre-air-conditioning childhood knowledge come back to me that a fan nowhere near a window is good if you are sweating and just need evaporative assistance.

days like this suck because the dissertation is going well and I like to go out for a nice walk after I've written a good chunk but there is no pleasure in walking outside right now. the mission district weather station at the weather underground has hit 92F but I'm always a little suspicious of that one as it always reads high like it sits in a little glass box in the sun or something. the valencia and market station says 87.

the cats are long. although they handle the heat better I think because they descend from north african desert dwellers. jackson was actually seeking out the sun earlier. I was like you're gonna be sorry later but he seems fine.

I could read a book for pleasure. that sort of thing almost always puts me to sleep but I could give it a whirl anyway. I could read my new PHP Unleashed! book but that will put me into a coding mood and I shouldn't go there until I've written about fifteen more pages. although there is this one other paying job I have sitting here waiting to get started and I think I should just go ahead with my end of it and let the people trying to figure out where the site docs are actually going to be go about their business of deciding. although I am unsure yet whether I will have a database to work from or just text files. one needs to know. it makes a great deal of difference in what you try to do. the pedagogy site is on hold while the person making the decisions vacations in europe for three weeks. I guess I need to just sit and write but I'm done with that for the day so now what. it's too hot to leave the house.

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do you believe in the westwind

blessed relief wafts through the window as a light seabreeze kicks up finally. there are no electrical outlets on this side of the livingroom and I don't feel like rummaging up an extension cord--I think the old one has been chewed up by bunnies--so I am satisfying myself with waft instead of full on blast of cool air.

it's nice. lisagail asked me if it was like atlanta here and I said oh gods no the humidity is low when it is hot and it cools off at night. in atlanta in the summer a 90 degree day will be followed by an 80 degree night and the humidity always hovers around 70% or so and there is no wind unless you get a thunderstorm and of course I was terrified of those.

I guess here the heat only kicks up thunderstorms over the sierra and still not so much even there, right? no humidity to drive them. it's more like desert heat I guess and if I'm going to be the desert aficionado I claim to be I suppose that I had better learn to like this style of hot.

of course when I am a rich and famous poet I will only make my winter home in the desert. summers will be spent as close to the arctic circle as I can get.

or maybe in the southern hemisphere. really it is possible with modern technological advances in transportation never to experience summer at all! goodness me. what am I doing here; I should be in australia.

I remember one particularly hot heatwave in atlanta and my mother telling me well it's hot everywhere and I thought to myself no that can't be right there is no way that this sort of heat can be infinite and omnipresent. I was right of course even if it was 90 in san francisco that day they had a much cooler night here.
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